About us

The Conservative Policy Forum ( CPF) is the official Forum for political discussion within the Conservative Party. It is the most effective way for ordinary Party members to influence Conservative Party policy. CPF has its origins in the Conservative Political Centre, (CPC), which was established by R.A. Butler just after World War II. The 1998 Party Reforms replaced CPC with CPF, with the object of increasing participation by Party Members. Unfortunately, this did not happen and CPF was allowed to fall into decline. In the Autumn of 2010, CPF was revitalised with the object of producing policy for the 2015 Conservative Party manifesto.

A key aspect of CPF is the network of discussion groups which discuss policy papers issued several times per year. Groups meet to discuss the paper. A group leader from each group writes and submits a report. The CPF national team than writes a summary comprising the most important points from each report. This summary is then sent to the responsible minister, who writes a response. Each of these three stages ( the discussion paper, the summary of all discussions, and the Ministerial Response )  is published on the CPF website www.conservativepolicyforum.com, so that party members ( and indeed members of the public) can see for themselves how the process works. Many ideas generated by CPF ended up in our 2015 manifesto.

As part of the revitalisation of CPF in 2010, Regional CPF Co-Ordinators were appointed. In Yorkshire, a Regional Committee was established.We have been particularly keen to involve students in our activities. We have organised five Regional Conferences, which have become so highly regarded that they attract Party members from all over the country. Our sixth Regional Conference will be held at Weetwood Hall, Leeds on Saturday 27th January 2018. Our Regional Committee has grown to 26 members and is an exciting mix of students and more experienced party members.  There are currently 15 students on our Regional Committee including students studying at York, Leeds, Hull and Sheffield. In addition to our Regional Conference, we are organising a number of ‘Meet and Greet ‘ events throughout Yorkshire. These events are your chance to meet members of the Regional Committee.

We have a Twitter account @yorkshirecpf and also maintain a Facebook group and Facebook page (type the words Yorkshire and Humber Conservative Policy Forum into a search on Facebook and find them both). We are always keen to consider ideas from Party members. Use social media to put them forward!

Details of numbers of committee members are correct as at 19th September 2017.